KZYR Interview with Vail Founders Rod & Beth Slifer

Posted on November 27, 2020

Support the Vail Interfaith Chapel

Securing the future of the Vail Interfaith Chapel for generations to come.


The Vail Interfaith Chapel is a spiritual heart and community center for the Town of Vail and the Valley Valley. After 50+ years of constant use,  improvements are needed to improve the building’s structural and aesthetic integrity.

– 34,000 residents and guests attend religious services annually

– 100 families served with emergency shelter in winter storms in past 5 years

– 4,200 fans at 16 Bravo! Vail concerts and discussions each year

– 10,608 people annually attend 14 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings per week

– $15 million minimum annual revenue driven to wedding-related businesses through the Vail Valley

The Vail Interfaith Chapel and Ministry Building are used for non-religious purposes approximately 60% of the time.

Listen to KZYR Radio Interview 11/27/20

KZYR Interview with Vail Founders Rod & Beth Slifer

How Could We Possibly Spend $10 Million?

This morning, KZYR DJ Tony Mauro talked to Vail Founders Rod and Beth Slifer about their involvement with the Vail Religious Foundation’s 50th Anniversary Capital Campaign.

Rod Slifer was very involved in the founding of the Foundation and the building of the Chapel building.  He was then again very involved in fundraising for the needed renovations in the late 1990s, when the Ministry Building, North Chapel, and caretaker’s unit were added to accommodate a growing population in the Vail Valley.

And now again, the Vail Interfaith Chapel and Ministry Building are in need of structural repairs and upgrading equipment to bring this iconic Vail location into the present, and necessary reserve funding carry it into the future. $7  million will be spent on much needed maintenance, renovations and landscaping (learn more). $2-3 million will be put into the reserves in order to maintain the buildings for the next 25 years.


Listen now to the 5 minute interview