Vail Interfaith Chapel

Located in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the Vail Interfaith Chapel is situated in the heart of Vail between the village and Lionshead, only steps from other iconic buildings and a key element in the building of the town of Vail. ¬†The Vail Interfaith Chapel opened in 1969 and celebrates over 50 years as the spiritual heart of this community and a sacred place where individuals, couples and families have celebrated life’s most meaningful moments.

Whether you’re Jewish, Catholic, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Baptist or nondenominational Christian, there’s a place for you to go pray before you hit the slopes in Vail.



Vail Religious Foundation

The Vail Religious Foundation is an interfaith community comprised of six religious congregations sharing the Vail Chapel and accompanying Ministry Center in order to serve the Vail community. Members include


First Photo Credit: Melissa Brielle Photography