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Your generous donation supports the Spiritual Heart of Vail, which serves as our community center by supporting several nonreligious support groups, arts nonprofit organizations, emergency services, and more. Help us ensure that much-needed renovations take place over the next two years, and that the beloved Vail Interfaith Chapel stays a part of Vail’s history.

For information about our 50th Anniversary Capital Campaign and donation options and packages, both individual and corporate, please contact Katie Campbell, Director of Development and Marketing.

Donor Levels & Benefits – 50th Anniversary Capital Campaign



Support the Vail Interfaith Chapel

Securing the future of the Vail Interfaith Chapel for generations to come.


To secure the future of the Vail Interfaith Chapel as a spiritual and community center for the Town of Vail and the Valley Valley by improving the building’s structural and aesthetic integrity now and for the next 25 – 50 years.

The story of this place is of solace, acceptance, community outreach, worship, peace, joy and forgiveness where we share life, death, food, shelter, wealth, sorrow and loss, stories, and happiness.

– 34,000 residents and guests attend religious services annually

– 100 families served with emergency shelter in winter storms in past 5 years

– 4,200 fans at 16 Bravo! Vail concerts and discussions each year

– 10,608 people annually attend 14 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings per week

– $15 million minimum annual revenue driven to wedding-related businesses through the Vail Valley

The Vail Interfaith Chapel and Ministry Building are used for non-religious purposes approximately 50-60% of the time – essentially, it is the Town of Vail’s community center.

Please keep these treasured buildings up-to-date, well maintained, and intact for generations to come. Thank you!