Vail Chapel Fundraising Receives $1 Million Donation

Posted on February 11, 2021

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The Vail Interfaith Chapel is the spiritual heart of Vail.  Without it, guests and residents cannot worship any of the six faiths that gather here. It is also the community center for the Town of Vail – a cultural and historical icon use by over 50,000 people annually. After 50+ years of constant use,  improvements are needed to improve the building’s structural and aesthetic integrity.

– 34,000 residents and guests attend religious services annually

– 100 families served with emergency shelter in winter storms in past 5 years

– 4,200 fans at 16 Bravo! Vail concerts and discussions each year

– 10,608 people annually attend 14 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings per week

– $15 million minimum annual revenue driven to wedding-related businesses through the Vail Valley

The Vail Interfaith Chapel and Ministry Building are used for non-religious purposes approximately 60% of the time.

Vail Chapel Fundraising Receives $1 Million Donation

Published in the Vail Daily on February 11, 2021

by Scott Miller

Raising money for good causes comes with a good bit of waiting, nervousness and moments of exhilaration. The campaign for the Vail Interfaith Chapel recently had one of those exhilarating moments.

The committee running the chapel’s current $10 million fundraising campaign announced this week that longtime residents Betsy and George Wiegers had given a $1 million gift to the campaign.

“This is huge. This one donation is 10% of our goal,” said Rev. Tim Wilbanks, who is the president of the chapel’s board of directors.

Rev. Carl Walker, a member of the chapel’s fundraising committee, said he was “overwhelmed” by the donation. “Now we’re on our way,” he added.

The Weigers’ donation brings the total amount raised so far to $2.1 million.


Photo by Holly Cole