Fundraising Committee for the Vail Chapel Takes Shape

Published in the Vail Daily on January 20, 2021

Pastor Tim Wilbanks, President of the Vail Religious Foundation, announced this morning the members of the volunteer advisory committee that will steer fundraising efforts related to the Vail Interfaith Chapel’s $10 million 50th Anniversary Capital Campaign.  “This 11-member committee is a strong force in support of restoring and maintaining our beloved Chapel, one of Vail’s cultural and historic centers,” said Wilbanks.  “We are so grateful for their support, not only financially but with their time and energy over these next two years.”

Vail Pioneer Rod Slifer was one of the first to volunteer to help the Chapel in these efforts.  Slifer, also one of the Chapel’s founders, is uniquely qualified to help because he brokered the land deal in the late 1960s when the original Chapel building was built.


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