Published Sunday, January 17, 2021 in the Vail Daily

by Father Brooks Keith of the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration


Spectacular orchestral music lifting the vaulted wooden ceiling.  An intimate moment Gore Creek-side as a younger (and sometime not-exactly-younger) couple sit snuggled together to mark an anniversary, or schedule one!  Incisive, provocative fora on super-intellectual subjects with attendees like me occasionally nod my head thoughtfully while furtively web search vocabulary on my hidden cell phone.  Exhausted, overwrought stranded travelers morphing into overnight refugees seeking a warm bed and safe shelter when I-70 is closed or wildfires threaten.  Individuals, couples and families walking into the sanctuary and sitting down…for awhile, reflecting upon private thoughts which inevitably arise when confronted with the majesty of our Rocky Mountains.  Dear friends and complete strangers moving regularly in and out seeking recovery, personal solace and honest support.  Where in our resort town do all these moments happen quite regularly you wonder?!


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This Thanksgiving, the six congregations of the Vail Interfaith Chapel come together in prayer for our community, our mountains, our nation. Enjoy this short prayer service lead by Pastor Tim Wilbanks of Covenant Presbyterian Church.

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