Scheduling Your Wedding

Thousands of couples have stood before the natural beauty of the altar window to share their marital vows. Wedding pictures taken just outside the Chapel on the banks of the crystal clear Gore Creek capture the alpine beauty that surrounds them on their special day. Receptions at nearby hotels and restaurants that are just steps from our front door make this location attractive and convenient for guests. View some of our helpful links for planning your wedding.


Weekend Wedding Time Slots

Day                      Time Slot                       Fee

Friday*                 12-2 pm                       $800

Friday                   1 – 3 pm                      $800

Saturday              9-11am                       $800

Saturday              11-1pm                        $800

Saturday              1:30-4:30pm              $1500

Saturday             6:45-8:45pm              $800

Sunday                 12:30-2:30pm            $800


*Rehearsals begin at 3pm, so the wedding must be finished and church empty by then.

Weddings are available during the week at the discretion of the clergy.


Wedding Contact Information


Catholic               (970) 926-2821 |

Episcopal             (970) 476-0618  |

Jewish                  (970) 477-2992 |

Lutheran             (970)476-6610  |

Presbyterian       (970) 477-0383  |