Chapel Stats and Space

Information to help you plan your wedding

The Vail Chapel seats 300. Both piano and organ are available at the chapel. We request that weddings be scheduled through a resident clergy member. Each couple should contact a specific congregation directly in order to schedule a date and time for a wedding and rehearsal. You can check our on-line calendar for specific days before calling if that is more convenient. Guest clergy can officiate if they are sponsored through the resident clergy. Please discuss these details with the congregational office staff.

In the spirit of working within the context and natural beauty of our mountain chapels, these policies are offered based on extensive experience in hosting weddings. To make sure your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible with no conflicts, please read the following guidelines thoroughly. If you have any questions, please call your congregation member for clarification. Chapel Wedding Fees range from $800 to $1500, depending upon the time slot that you choose. The fee for the chapel allows for a one (1) hour rehearsal and a two (2) or three (3) hour wedding ceremony. Friday afternoon rehearsals must conclude by 5:50 pm to accommodate congregation services. Due to very limited parking all cars need to be removed from chapel property immediately after a wedding.

  • Nothing may be scattered or dropped inside or outside the chapels, such as rice, birdseed, flower petals or leaves.
  • Wax candles are allowed only on the altar table, a tablecloth is required to protect the table. The chapels offer votive candles that may be used in the interior. No candles are allowed in the aisle or windowsills.
  • Each wedding party is responsible for set up and clean up of the chapel. This includes returning altar furniture and chairs to where you found them, and removal of floral arrangements. Under no circumstances should the plants be moved, the piano be moved, nor anything placed on top of it. Nothing may be attached to the walls. Pew decorations may be tied or draped, no tape or method of affixing decorations to the pew that will scratch, damage or leave a residue or film may be used.
  • Cars must be moved immediately following the wedding. We want your wedding day to be special and hassle free. It is your responsibility to let your photographer, florist, guests and family know that they will not be permitted to arrive or depart beyond your scheduled times.
  • Absolutely no food, drink, or alcoholic beverages are allowed anywhere on the chapel premises. Ritual sacraments are allowed at the discretion of the minister.
  • The Vail Interfaith Chapel is a non-smoking facility.
  • Glitter is not allowed on floral arrangements, bouquets, wedding attire or shoes. Please inform your florist.
  • Greenery, such as foxtail, tree fern or any flowers prone to shedding easily, is not to be used.
  • Any item not already mentioned in these guidelines that the wedding party wishes to bring into the chapels must be approved by the congregation member who is your contact.
  • Aisle Runners: The approx. length from the beginning of the carpeted area at the back of the chapel to the bottom of the altar step is approx. 50 ft. The width from pews is approx. 5 ft.