Covenant Presbyterian Church

In-person Worship Services are taking place every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. at the Vail Interfaith Chapel.



Modern technology makes many promises: cell phones, the web, and instant messaging promise to connect us with one another anywhere in the world. These devices succeed in helping us communicate but they fall short in creating community and, unfortunately, there is no technology to reconnect us with God. Our vision at Covenant is to provide what technology cannot: an atmosphere for people to build community with one another and allow us to reconnect with God through Jesus Christ. In a society where Grandmothers are miles from their grandchildren, neighborhoods are empty by day and locked down by night, marriages are broken, fathers are absent, and friendships are strained by distance and time, we believe Covenant can be an oasis of authentic community in a relational desert. Worship services, small groups, casual meetings, classes, and trips together out into God’s creation can all be opportunities for us at Covenant to grow closer to Christ and closer to one another.


Service Information

11:00 a.m. Sunday Service


Wedding Information

Covenant Presbyterian Church is a local Presbyterian congregation, that sponsors weddings as part of our ministry. Since the weddings we sponsor are in a sanctuary and led by a pastor, realize the wedding service itself is a worship service; thus we are not wedding consultants nor are the Chapels rental facilities.  A wedding service here is a holy opportunity for you to ask God to bless your marriage. Before your wedding can be booked, our wedding coordinator must speak with you to check availability and decide whether we can sponsor your wedding. We are available by phone at 970-477-0383.


Contact Information

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