Construction Projects & Schedule

What could the Vail Interfaith Chapel possibly do that would warrant a $10 million budget?

Two commercial buildings with over 50,000 people in and out 365 days per year with minimal maintenance over 51 years, and no updates since 1999, warrants a lot of big-ticket renovation items.  Typical of a nonprofit religious organization, the Vail Religious Foundation operates on a shoestring budget and entered 2020 with $500,000 in its reserves.  It has since put $280,000 of its own reserves into getting this project underway, and now needs your help to see it through completion.


Construction Projects                            $7.0 million maximum

Reserve Fund / Endowment                         $2.4 million needed to last 25 years

Campaign Costs                                $800,000 over 3 years


Funds raised as of February 23, 2021:   $2,450,000


Meet the Team

For over 40 years, Beck Building Company has been a leader in luxury custom home building and renovations in and around the Colorado mountain resorts of Vail and Aspen, as well as Denver and Boulder including surrounding communities.


Our mission is to tailor the design process to meet the unique needs of individual clients, while unlocking the true potential of their properties. We are driven to deliver imaginative solutions, yet are also drawn to long lasting friendships with our clients.



Phased Construction Schedule


Preconstruction Phase                                                                           May, 2020 – April 4, 2021


Phase 1:   March 11 – June 18, 2021
Asbestos Testing/Abatement
Boiler Enclosure
Exterior Parking Lot & Boilers  – Phase I, West
Chapel & Ministry Roof Replacement
Chapel Windows – Phase I, North


Phase 2:   August 23 – November 19, 2021
Exterior Parking Lot – Phase II, North
Solar Panel Installation
Chapel Windows Phase II – West
Elevator Replacement



Phases 3 and 4:  2022 Preliminary Schedule
Exterior Riverside Spaces                                                                         Chapel HVAC
Chapel Windows Phase III and IV – East and South                           Chapel ADA
Chapel Entry                                                                                                Chapel Lower Level
Chapel Electrical                                                                                        Chapel Sacristy
Ministry Building Main Level                                                                    Ministry Building Lower Level
Ministry HVAC                                                                                             Emergency/Egress



Anticipated completion:  Thanksgiving, 2022


Learn more about each project detail, construction schedule and budget, and Reserve schedule HERE.